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Use Your Intuition, Energy Healing, & Trauma Modalities To Heal Yourself & Others

Complimentary Masterclass For Professional Women

Become A Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Healer, Intuitive Reiki Practitioner & Hypnotherapist

Ascension Academy is internationally accredited by the International Association Of Therapists

In This Short Masterclass, You'll Learn How To:

  • Heal the low vibes and trauma cycles that will keep you STUCK in fear, cause imposter syndrome, and pull LACK into your business and attract what you don't want.
  • Successfully manifest WITHOUT methods - ditch the vision boards and affirmations that don't work and start incorporating what does (affirmations do NOT raise your vibe - the only way to shift your reality is to shift YOU)!
  • Remove intuitive blocks and activate your gifts so you can facilitate mediumship, access the akashic records and read and heal energy (this allows you to identify the core issues for your clients and NOT just the symptoms).
  • Integrate spiritual coaching, intuitive energy healing, intuitive reiki, and hypnosis to heal yourself + others (this includes past-life and inter-life regression)! 
  • Create your signature coaching and healing offer that will allow you to live in purpose while teaching others how to do the same (we've helped our clients create programs, signature one-to-one offerings, healing retreats and recorded courses.. the possibilities for your business are infinite)!
  • Plus - a free quantum jump healing and bonuses to use with your clients!

save my seat!

I'm a corporate girl turned CEO and in this masterclass, I'm going to teach YOU how to do the same!   

I spent more than a decade in a high-demand, corporate career as an executive coach + leader of leaders. With every promotion came more work -- which meant, more stress, less time with my children and a non-existent self-care routine.

After my spiritual awakening, I knew I had to shed EVERYTHING that was no longer serving me -- and working 60+ hours per week in demanding work that I wasn't passionate about, was one of them.  

Today I have an abundant business with soul-filled work that gives me balance, financial freedom and the opportunity to change lives every single day.

If you're like most women, you probably feel this is too good to be true. But I promise -- all you need is the right acumen and framework, and you can do exactly what I did.

Join us in my complementary masterclass to learn how.


Crystal Cook

Founder of Ascension Academy

Nothing in our human experience is a coincidence. You were guided here for a reason - it's your divine timing to heal and step into your purpose as a coach and healer.

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