We're a team of intuitive, soul-led women who have come together to help others on their journey of spiritual healing and alignment.

We're here to help you heal, get certified and launch your soul-led business so you can live an abundant life of purpose and freedom.

Created From A
Soul-Led Mission

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Ascension Academy is an internationally accredited spiritual healing, professional certification and business development program.

We create a sacred healing space for the ambitious woman who is ready to turn her visualizations into manifestations by healing herself first.

Our one-of-a-kind curriculum guides women through a spiritual healing process that results in embodiment, abundance and ascension.

You can turn a new page in your life with us

We are internationally accredited by the International Association Of Therapists.

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Our team

can help you with your spiritual transformation

Macci Rosado

Intuitive Hypnotherapist + Healer

Crystal Cook

Founder + CEO

Carole Demarest

Intuitive Reiki Teacher

Jenny Voss

Program Success Manager

Alicia Barnes

Support Coach

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Nothing in our human experience is a coincidence. You were guided here for a reason - it's your divine timing to heal and step into your purpose as a coach and healer.

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